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Alopecia Uncovered — The Book

About The Book

Alopecia Uncovered is a fine art photography book that explores the therapeutic potential of the portrait through a series of arresting black and white images, essays and journeys of those affected by the condition.

Daniel Regan's Alopecia Project, in which he invited sufferers to be photographed as and how they wished to be represented, was shot over a three year period. For some of his subjects it involved baring all and showing their natural selves, whilst others wished to retain their eyelashes or eyebrows. However the true message of this project is that it's OK being you, but most importantly being the you that you choose.

Now combined with analytical texts by art psychotherapist Jennifer Chambers, Alopecia Uncovered encapsulates the emotional difficulties of sufferers by allowing subjects to reclaim their sense of self by confronting these images of themselves. This book investigates issues of self-esteem, fractured identities and perceptions of illness, illustrated through the use of empowering yet vulnerable photography that challenges the social constructs of beauty.

"A fantastic celebration of beauty — brave and liberating. Daniel's pictures display depth and emotion with a strong important message." — Katie Piper

Daniel Regan

Daniel is a London based photographer whose work often focuses on themes of recovery, health and psychology. Daniel studied at the University of Brighton and graduated with a Photography BA in 2006, using this period to explore his own mental health difficulties. His other projects have focused on burns survivors, personality disorders and he is also an accomplished and versatile portrait photographer. In 2013 Daniel decided to return to academia and completed a Masters in Photography at the London College of Communication, producing Insula, an intimately presented and curated book of emotionally sensitive images documenting his decade long recovery from a chronic mental health condition.

Jennifer Chambers

Jennifer is the Charity Manager for Alopecia UK. She has had alopecia since 1995. Over the years she has been interested in the psychological experience of alopecia. Jennifer studied Psychology with Health studies at undergraduate level, studying alopecia where possible and exploring alopecia and identity for her dissertation project through the use of a Grounded Theory qualitative approach. Jennifer then went on to study Art Psychotherapy at Masters level, exploring how art psychotherapy could be useful to those with alopecia. Since participating in this project Jennifer has organised many awareness events through Alopecia UK, with many of the attendees being participants of the Alopecia Project.


Alopecia Uncovered features 39 beautifully printed black and white photographs, with 15 pages of analytical text and quotes exploring the project journey.

Alopecia Uncovered — Preview
Alopecia Uncovered — Preview
Alopecia Uncovered — Preview
Alopecia Uncovered — Preview

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Size: 8x10 inches (portrait)
Paper: 148gsm matt
Photographs: 39
Text: 15 pages
Total pages: 54

A percentage of proceeds go directly to the charity Alopecia UK.

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